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The difference between S&OP and IBP

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First published in April 2011, now updated with a brilliant blog from Stratabridge.  A lot has been written on the differences between S&OP and IBP. If this has made things clearer for the average S&OP practitioner is the question. I doubt it, but make up your own mind with the following blogs on this topic:

  1. ENOUGH!:
  2. The S&OP-IBP illusion:
  3. What’s in a name:
  4. The 7 differentiators between S&OP and IBP:\
  5. Is there a battle between S&OP and IBP:
  6. What happens in Vegas, should not stay in Vegas :
  7. IBP or S&OP: what’s in a name?
  8. S&OP…IBP…WTF?
Furthermore you can follow a great discussion on this topic on LinkIn:

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  1. […] to life in the 80’s to align sales and operations. Although there are many discussions on the difference between S&OP and IBP, many agree that IBP has a larger scope then the traditional S&OP. So how can we make sure we […]

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